Sparkling Thanksgiving Punch | Fall Cocktails


As most people start getting excited and decorating for Christmas, I’m focused on Thanksgiving! We hosted our first Thanksgiving last year and will be hosting once again this year. Hosting can be stressful so I try to keep everything as simple as possible. Paper plates, stuffing from a box, and creating one drink that makes everyone happy (as long as they like apple cider, unlike my husband).


As much as I love making drinks for friends and family, that’s not what I want to do all day on Thanksgiving. With that in mind, I created an easy punch that guests can serve themselves and will please drinkers and non-drinkers, adults and children. The most ideal way to consume this punch is to top it with champagne but you can also top it with sparkling cider, bourbon, club soda, or just drink plain! This drink makes hosting and party planning fun and easy!


Sparkling Apple Cranberry Punch:

5 cups Apple Cider

2 cups Cranberry Juice

3/4 cup Fresh Lemon Juice (ALWAYS USE FRESH)

In a large pitcher or punch bowl (at least 2 quarts), combine ingredients and stir. Add in some chopped or sliced fruit. I like mine with apple and oranges. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

To serve, ladle or pout into a high ball or coupe glass. Top with either champagne or sparkling cider. You can also top with some bourbon or club soda. Enjoy!



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