Christmas Styled Bar Cart

Just in time for Christmas, I’m sharing how I styled my bar cart for the holiday season! I’m also sharing my go to liquors, liqueurs, and bitters.

To add the Christmas touch to my bar cart, I attached handmade pom poms to the front bar. If you don’t already have a pom pom maker, you should definitely get one! Pom poms are so easy to make and I’ve been added them to everything lately. Speaking of pom poms, I added my pom pom and Christmas wreath drink stirrers to my cart and I just love how cute they are! I also added my favorite cheap finds from Hobby Lobby and Target; colorful bottle brush trees and a vintage looking Santa from Target’s One Spot! Overall, I wanted to add a little Holiday spirit to my bar cart without over doing it so I’m thrilled how it turned out!

On my bar cart, you’ll find my favorite liquors like Hendricks Gin, Bulleit Bourbon, and Belle of Dayton’s Vodka or Gin (love local). I also have my most used liqueurs on my cart including Cointreau, Grand Marnier, St.Germain, and Campari! My bitters collection is growing everyday and, right now, my collection includes staples like Agnostura, Peychauds, and Orange and fun flavors like Cranberry, Spiced Cherry, Aztec Chocolate, Plum, Apple, and Lavender!

You’ll also find all my cocktail making instruments! I always keep rocks glasses and coupe glasses on the cart even though I use couple glasses 90% of the time. On the top of the cart, I have my mixing glass, bar spoon, my favorite 2oz jigger, and my cocktail shaker. I prefer my two piece tin shaker simply because 2 pieces are easier to clean and to keep track of than 3 pieces, even though 3 pieces do look prettier. On the bottom of the cart, you’ll find all my other tools like strainers, juicers, y-peels, cocktail picks, and more.

The look of my bar cart is always changing but the liquors, tools, and glasses, nearly, always stays the same. I hope you enjoyed this little look into my Christmas styled bar cart and hope you have a very Merry Christmas! I’ll be back after Christmas with some New Years Eve cocktails!


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