Winc Wine Club Review

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Wine delivered straight to your door; that was music to my ears. Like many, I enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day to relax but I live a busy life and don’t have time peruse the wine aisle trying to find new wines to try. I found myself sticking with the same brand of rosé or chardonnay every single time and decided it was time to branch out so I decided to try Winc.

Winc is a personalized wine club that offers a wide variety exclusive wines to your door every month! It’s the perfect way to try new wines and learn more about wine making. You won’t find your favorite brand from the grocery store but they offer exclusive wines including reds, white, sparkling, and even Vegan! So how does it work? You start off by creating a palate profile by answering six questions so Winc can assess your tastes. They will then recommend four wines that fit your palate profile and send them your way. Once they arrive and you try them out, go to your online profile and rate them to help Winc improve their recommendations for you! Beware, because it is alcohol, you’ll have to sign for the package and show an ID so make sure someone over 21 is home so you can get your wine! 

My first box arrived a couple weeks ago and thought I would share my experience. I received $20 off my box so, with shipping, it cost me $31 for four bottles of wine. Your box comes straight to your door and includes your recommended wines and a great little booklet with the ABCs of wine which really helps you learn about wine and how its made. I received two white wines and two reds including two of their most popular wines: Outer Sounds and Chop Shop! A great thing about Winc is you can find your wines on their website and it will give you tasting notes of the wine, what food it pairs well with, how it’s made, and how to serve it. I prefer white wine so I tried those two first and loved them both, especially the Outer Sounds which is a New Zealand wine! I was unsure about the red wine, I usually only like Pinot Noir, but was pleasantly surprised with the Spanish wine they sent. We are saving the Chop Shop for a special night when we have steak for dinner! After trying some of the wines, I went onto my account and rated them and then adjusted how many wines I want sent to me each month and how many reds or white I would like. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. I didn’t have to run out to the store and I got to try wine I wouldn’t of picked by myself! 

Before signing up, I was concerned about a couple things. How much us this going to cost each month? Do I really need four bottles of wine every month? Can I skip months? What if I don’t like the wines? You get $20 off your first box which is awesome and most their wines run around $13 per bottle; not too bad at all! What’s great is you can easily skip months, but you have to remember to skip at least 48 hours before your box is scheduled to ship. What I really love it you can decided how many bottles you want shipped to you. You don’t want four? No problem. You want all white wines? No problem, you can adjust it under ‘My Membership’. Don’t like the wine they sent? Winc offers a satisfaction guarantee which means you don’t have to pay for a wine you don’t like! Winc also offers gift basket you can send to friends and family which is perfect for the holiday season! They also offer gift cards! 

So if you’re a wine love or what to give the gift of wine this holiday season, I would definitely suggest checking out Winc for yourself! Click here to get $20 off your first box!


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