Halloween Cookies

Film Stock: Fuji400h | Film Lab: PhotoVision

One of my favorite things about October is when the Pillsbury pumpkin and ghost sugar cookies hit the grocery store shelves! These cookies are so addictive and it’s hard not to eat the entire tray of cookies as soon as they are hot out of the oven.


They are so easy to make by just throwing them onto a pan and into an oven, I figured it would be a fun activity to do with Callie. I opened the package and ,not even two seconds later, Callie was shoving one of the cookie dough pieces into her mouth. The girl had the right idea but I figured to would be best to teach her to eat baked cookies first.



She had fun throwing all the cookies onto the pan. As you can see by the pictures, she was not interested in space them an inch apart in neat rows on the cookie sheet. Callie was also not so happy with me when I took the pan away to put in the oven. She didn’t exactly grasp the whole “cookies need to bake first concept”. I was able to keep her happy and occupied by letting her play on our counter and checking on the cookies ,via the oven light, every minute or two.



She was doing her happy dance when it was finally time to take them out of the oven. I let them cool for just a couple a minutes and grab her a plate and some milk. I let her pick out what cookies she wanted and let her snack on them at the table. She was in cookie heaven.

While she was eating, I tried to sneak the rest of the cookies into our pumpkin cookie jar but, of course, she quickly figured out where we hid them. Over the next couple of days, she would constantly be dragging us into the kitchen to get her a cookie. Kyle and I were definitely guilty of grabbing a few cookies for ourselves. This was such a fun and quick activity to do with Callie and I’m excited to do some more baking with her throughout the holiday season!



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