The Dahlia Homestead

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It’s been a month since we closed on our home. We still have boxes in each room and are unpacking little by little but we already feel right at home. We’ve met our surrounding neighbors and one even helped me chase down Luna when she escaped the backyard the other day. I already love cooking in our new kitchen and being able to eat at an actual dining room table and not at a coffee table in the living room.

We have a lot planned for our first year here. We are currently planning out where our vegetable and cutting garden will go in the spring. We will be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year and we’ve already picked out the corner for the Christmas tree.

We are having our house warming in November and can’t wait to have all our friends over for the first time. Hosting more get togethers is something that Kyle and I are really looking forward to and something I will blog about often.


Over the next few months, I plan on blogging a lot about food, home decor, gardening, and entertaining. I look forward to sharing all our experiences in this home with you all!


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