Butternut Squash Cocktail | Thanksgiving Cocktail


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! With Thanksgiving being this week, I wanted to tryout a savory cocktail featuring butternut squash. I’m a big fan of butternut squash! I love it with ravioli, carbonara, soup, and now I love it in my cocktails!


I made a quick butternut squash puree for this drink. I roasted peeled and cubed butternut squash with butter and brown sugar in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. I pureed that in my blender with some water and maple syrup until it was a nice and smooth texture. You can use this puree for many things besides cocktails so don’t worry if you make too much!


I didn’t want this cocktail to have an overpowering butternut squash flavor, so I used bourbon as a base spirit and it should be the strongest notes in this cocktail. I used 2 tablespoons of butternut squash puree in this drink but feel free to add more if you want a stronger squash flavor. I rounded out this drink with fresh lemon juice, honey syrup, and orange bitters!

Butternut Squash Cocktail:

1 1/2oz – Bourbon (I like Bulleit)

2 TBSP – Butternut Squash Puree

3/4oz – Lemon Juice

1/2oz – Honey Syrup

3 Dashes Orange Bitters

Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker, fill with ice, and shake vigorously until cold. Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass. This is a drink you definitely want to fine strain to get the right texture! Garnish with butternut squash best friend, sage, by smacking it above to drink and placing on top of the cocktail! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!



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