Living Room Tour

After Christmas, when we starting putting away our decorations, I got the itch to update some of the furniture in our living room. We had an oversized TV stand and clunky coffee table that was taking up too much space in our 1000sqft home. I decided it was time to get rid of the old and add some new mid-modern inspired pieces.


We took advantage of end of the year sales to grab great deals on some new furniture and decor. We got rid of our 58″ TV stand and opted for a smaller, modern media console from Wayfair and decided to mount our TV so we had a nice place for my new record player and some plants. We also got rid of our clunky coffee table and replace it with a mid-modern ottoman from Target with extra storage to hide some of unattractive junk.


In the corner where our Christmas tree once stood, we bought a brand new gold and modern lamp and a simple white end table from Target to create a cozy little corner. This is my favorite place to relax, watch a movie, or enjoy some coffee or tea in the morning.

To top everything off, I added a couple new plants from my favorite local store, Luna’s Botanicals and Gifts, and a few new throw pillows from Target. We didn’t make any drastic changes but the few swaps we did made a world of difference!



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