An Introduction


This evening, we are closing on our very first so I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce who we are. Kyle and I first met when we played summer softball together with a group of mutual friends. I don’t even remember saying a word to Kyle. I usually keep to myself when in a large group of people. When summer ended I spent a semester in Cleveland, where my sister lives, but moved back to Dayton permanently in December. That’s when Kyle and I reconnected. The month I moved back, our best friends got married. He was the best man and I was a bridesmaid. We clicked instantly that night and started dating a couple weeks later. After four months of dating, Kyle proposed just days before he deployed to Afghanistan. Kyle arrived back home on Valentines Day 2014 and we were married that May.

Less than three months after our wedding, I discovered I was pregnant with our first child which was a very happy surprise! We welcomed our daughter, Callie, into the world in April 2015. As any mother would tell you, there are many struggles adjusting to motherhood but I wouldn’t change it for the world. When Callie turned one we knew we wanted a second. Approximately nine months later, our littlest love, Liddy, arrived. The girls are now two and a half years old and eight months. I love watching them interact everyday. Callie tells Liddy good morning every day and gives her a kiss. Liddy laughs hysterically when Callie dances around and acts goofy. Everything Kyle and I do, we do for the girls. We are blessed to be able to provide them this new home for them where they can grow up. I’m excited about share our adventures, through photos, with all of you!

Thank you Lori Baskin Photography for our beautiful family photos!


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